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Inovative Hygiene


A rapid disinfection by air of rooms, within everyone’s reach.

Hyspray is a pulverizing appliance by air which disinfects rapidly rooms and surfaces.

The pulverization is mechanical (Venturi effect) which allows the spreading of even sized droplets. It disinfects surfaces and decontaminates rooms in record time.

HyPro medical

A hydrogen peroxide 3% solution to clean and disinfect in one step all places where hygiene is vital.

HyPro medical, hydrogen peroxide 3% ready to use solution, to rapidly clean and disinfect surfaces, in a single handling and in a safe way.

HyPro medical is efficient against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungi, microbacteria’s) and offers a broad disinfection spectrum.

HyPro technical

A hydrogen peroxide 7% solution to rapidly and effectively disinfect all places where hygiene is vital.

HyPro technical is a hydrogen peroxide 7% ready to use solution for pulverization. It rapidly disinfects surfaces after a mechanical cleaning.


Hyodor, a fighting odor solution for air pulverization.

Hyodor, ready to use solution for air pulverization, degrades and eliminates the bad smells caused by virus, bacteria’s, fungi and by any kind of organic degradation.

Hyodor is unique formulation which destroys the molecules responsible for the odors without any active compound. It sanitizes ambient air in a safe way.


A continuous monitoring of the disinfection by air with hydrogen peroxide.

Hycontrol/Bioxx Hycontrol is a detector of hydrogen peroxide concentration, humidity and temperature which delivers the data inpdf diagram form.

The detector actually available is commercialized by Hymetec under the name BIOXX.

Kit Ebola

Ebola Kit

Hymetec has developed a complete kit for the personnel involved (doctor, nurse, paramedic, …), including suit, mask, gloves, boot covers, …

All these protections can be bought separately. Do not hesitate to contact us.