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Marge Project Management is a multi-disciplinary management function which must be started at the moment when the investment decision is taken until the opening of the enterprise and it covers a broader framework than the project itself.


The success of the project management is measured by the balance among the costs, quality and time. Another important factor under the circumstances of our country is the knowledge of the legal obligations, the local bureaucratic regulations and obstacles and taking the necessary precautions on time.


Marge Project Management and Consulting Unit believes that the successful investment consulting will occur as a close and continuous relation with the investor.


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Defining the medical investment in physical, functional and financial terms (the determination of all the departments, notably the medical branches, and the numbers of the beds, surgery rooms, and the polyclinics, the estimated number of personnel, pre-studies of cost, assessment of availability of the suitable location and the selection of the place). Revealing the risks, if any, and the advantages of the investment and presenting the opinions with regard to the market.


The operating principles of the Hospital are determined with the investor. In accordance with those principles, the general feasibility of the enterprise, 7 year income-expense statements and the cash flow schemas based on them are ascertained. A comprehensive Feasibility report is prepared in the attachments of which those statements take place.




The specification of the places needed architecturally within the medical facilities. Together with a design in which the traffics of the patients and the personnel cut each other as few as possible, the modern and functional integrity which will be obtained as a result of the planning of the places in the backstage and the equipment and the devices which will be placed there will be an important issue which will reveal the quality of the investment.

Consulting in the field of project designing and equipment planning of the places such as Radiotherapy/Nuclear Medicine which require special armoring.


The acquisition of the legal permissions of the medical organization in accordance with the legislations in force, the collection of the information in that area which will provide with convenience to the investor. To manage the whole process of permissions and licensing reliably near-by the investor.


The fast progress pursued by the medicine technology and the significant role played by the medical devices used nowadays on the community health care in terms of diagnosis and treatment necessitate the allocation of a significant portion of the new medical investments to the medical installations and equipment. The exorbitance of the investment amounts, the abundance of the special and the multi-purpose devices used in the process of the provided services, and the hair-raising speed of the technological developments and innovations necessitate the execution of the procurements in relation with the investment by the experienced persons equipped with sufficient knowledge.


The Procurement Planning

It is the phase in which the list related to the equipment pool suitable to the conceptual design of the investments is prepared and in which it is determined which devices will be procured, and how and when they will be procured.


The establishment of the specifications of the devices and the determination of the possible companies

It is the phase in which the characteristics of the devices convenient to the user needs are specified based on the unit device, and the technical specifications are prepared accordingly, and in which it is determined that which manufacturers produce the devices conforming to those characteristics.




Collection of the Tenders

It is the phase in which the tenders related to the devices conforming to the established specifications are received.


The Selection of the Manufacturing Company

It is the phase of decision from which manufacturer the devices satisfying the needs will be procured by the method of tender bids and/or direct procurement. Merge may or may not participate in the process of selection activity in that phase in line with the desire of the investor.


After Sales Management

It is the period in which it is ensured that the procured devices are mounted, their trainings are provided and they are handed over to the users in an effectively operating condition.


The Reconciliation/Finalization of the Work

It is the phase in which all the commitments obtained from the supplier companies are carried out. The final deficiencies are removed, the after guaranty maintenance contracts are reviewed again, and it is ensured that the companies carry out their commitments for the good of the investor.
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